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- Create your personal wine brand from the holy land -

We offer you a unique course to experience winemaking in Israel: a course of 5 zoom sessions at the end of which you will receive your kosher wine with your unique label that you can create from a personal blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Sirah from the Galilee mountains.


Course structure


Session No. 1
Festive Opening | Lecture: "The Philosophy of Wine-Making"

Definitions and concepts, winery production processes in the various styles of wine

Session No. 2
Wine regions in the world and Israeli wines

Wine tasting and analysis

Session No. 3
Lecture: The process of making wine - from the vineyard to the bottle

What is important for a winemaker when making decisions in the wine making process?

Session No. 4
Lecture, "The Art of Professional Tasting"

Providing tools and knowledge of wine analysis, a methodology of wine tasting. The lecture will be accompanied by a wine tasting

Session No. 5
The Art of Blending | Practical meeting - practical experience in brewing a Blend (from a screen of wines from different grape varieties)

The lecture will be accompanied by a wine tasting, and the selection of a blend for the bottle.


How it works - Each registrant will receive a course kit to his/her home, including: 6 different wine bottles to open in classes during the course, a booklet with the study material and a grid for designing personal labels for your wine.

At each meeting we will tell you which wine to open. We will drink it together and we will talk about it.

At the blend meeting - we will open three bottles with different blends, which we will talk about, each one will choose his favorite blend, which will be transferred to a bottle.

After bottling - the wine will be delivered to your home with a courier. Cheers.


Soreq Winery is located in the heart of the Soreq Valley, which descends from the Jerusalem mountains to the Judean Plain. This is a green area, rich in forests and round hills, where you can still sense the stories of the Bible. In this area, Samson travelled on his way to meet Delilah and the children of Israel camped on their way to celebrate in Shiloh, Beit El and Jerusalem. Since those days, this area has been a major source of wine. In fact, the origin of the word sorek is from the name of a biblical variety of vines that appears in the blessing of Yaakov Avinu to his son Yehuda: Binding his foal unto the vine (soreq) Genesis 49:11.

The wines of Soreq Winery express qualities that derive from the characteristics of the region, the vineyard and the grapes. These are wines that are endowed with a powerful flavor and a prominent texture that comes from grapes carefully prepared with technology that produces an extraction of rich flavors from the fruit. The grapes are harvested in selected vineyards from four different growing areas, while continually searching for new vineyards with unique and interesting varieties.


The winery is also a wine-making school. Since its establishment, the winery has operated a professional wine-making school, which works to educate and teach the theory of winemaking. The winery operates in collaboration with dozens of wineries and vineyards throughout the length and breadth of Israel, fom the Golan Heights, the Galilee, the Jerusalem Mountains, the Judean Mountains to the South and the Negev.


Over the years, thousands of graduates have participated in dozens of professional courses from which they have integrated into the wine industry in Israel, establishing more than
150 wineries.



Course of 5 sessions, 6 bottles for lessons + 24 bottles with a personal label, with the blend you have chosen - $ 1600.


Course of 5 sessions, 6 bottles for lessons + 48 bottles with a personal label, with the blend you have chosen - $ 2,600.


Course of 5 sessions, 6 bottles for lessons + 96 bottles with a personal label, with the blend you have chosen - $ 4,000

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